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Top Procedures from Your Dentist in Southington CT

As of today, pediatric dentistry is one of the most important practices from your local dentist in Southington CT. Maintaining your child’s oral health is instrumental for their development on a psychological and physical level. In today’s article, we’ll be going through some of the most important dental procedures.

One of the common dental procedures that your dentist in Southington CT performs are dental fillings. This procedure is designed for children who have badly damaged or missing teeth. Most of the time, dental fillings are used in response to tooth loss or tooth decay. By filling a cavity, a child’s teeth will remain protected from further decay. Most often, pediatric dental fillings can be performed with little or no pain.

Another one of our cosmetic dentistry services is tooth extraction. Children’s teeth are far more prone to tooth decay, which in turn can lead to cavities. When a tooth is infected with bacteria, it can crack or become inflamed. Severe bacterial infection can also lead to abscesses, which require draining through the mouth. Dental extractions allow a family dentistry to remove infected material before it dries out and allows the abscess to drain as well.

Dental crowns are placed on children who have lost a tooth but have healthy tooth roots. Before a crown is placed, the pediatric dentist will take x-rays of your child’s mouth so that the crown can be designed and shaped exactly to fit the teeth that will be replaced. Once a permanent crown has been created, your pediatric dentist will remove the old crown and replace it with the new one.

Dental implants are a very common pediatric dental procedure, especially if your child is missing both of their front teeth. Implants from a dentist in Southington CT are put into the jawbone where a lost tooth used to be. This process is usually followed by bridgework, which connects the implant to the jawbone. These two common procedures help your child have a healthy chewing surface and prevent future problems with their teeth.

Children also receive dental implants that will help them maintain proper alignment as they grow. Bridges and crowns can also be used to correct jaw abnormalities, such as an overbite or an underbite. Orthodontics are very popular among young patients and they help them with their teeth and jaw problems.

Most pediatric dentists use orthodontics techniques to help patients straighten their teeth, cure tooth decay and straighten out their mouths. They also perform dental sealants for patients who need dental sealants to help stop tooth decay and gum disease.

There are many more common dental procedures available to children. When you need the best dental care for you and your family, we hope you’ll trust Elegance Dental to maintain the dental health of your children. For preventative care regarding patients of all ages, you know who to call.

For more information about our dental practice and our dental services, visit us online or reach us by phone at 860-965-5995. From teeth whitening to root canals, we strive to make our patients feel comfortable.

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