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General Dentistry from a Southington Dental Center

Patients from all across Connecticut come to our Southington dental center for the simple purpose of receiving the best dental care around. Our office offers a wide variety of dental treatments, but finding a dentistry that has reliable general dental procedures is crucial for your overall dental health.

A person’s teeth are one of the most noticeable aspects about them. Many people with crooked, chipped, or missing teeth struggle with self-confidence. Cosmetic dentistry can help people to have a beautiful smile that they can show off. This is one of the many forms of dentistry that our Southington dental center offers.

One procedure that is often needed by people who live in Connecticut is teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is sometimes performed at a cosmetic dental office or at a general dentistry office. Some dentists specialize in this service. A restorative dentist may also be able to help a person who is looking for ways to prevent serious dental problems.

A smile makeover is another procedure that many people in Southington are going for. They want to improve the color and the shape of their teeth, and this is done through a variety of general dentistry procedures, such as with dental implants. They can use this dental implant to create the same look they had when they were younger.

A routine dental cleanse is something that everyone should do from time to time. This helps to remove the bacteria and tartar that can build up around the teeth. If this is not done properly, it could lead to more serious dental diseases. It’s important to speak with your dentist on how often you should come in for a cleaning.

Wisdom tooth extractions are another one of the most common general dentistry procedures that are done. The dentist will perform an enamel scraping on the tooth before removing it. During the scrape, the dentist will be able to see any cavities in the jaw. Once the tooth is removed, the dentist may recommend that you have a wisdom tooth or even cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve your smile.

Another common procedure that is often recommended by general dentists is teeth whitening. This procedure is often recommended for those who smoke or use tobacco products because smoking or use of tobacco products can cause a buildup of plaque on the teeth over time. Teeth whitening can help to remove the buildup of plaque so that they look cleaner and whiter.

It is important that you discuss these general dentistry procedures with your dentist to learn all of the pros and cons of each treatment so that you can make an informed decision about your dental care needs.

Root canals and dental veneers are two other common procedures that many dentists perform. Root canal therapy works to get rid of any pockets of decaying material in the mouth so that they do not grow back and affect your overall dental health. If you have a cavity or a bad filling, a root canal can help to get rid of it so that your teeth will be protected from future cavities and bad fillings.

Our friendly and professional staff is more than happy to assist patients of all ages with their general dental care. For more information on our dental services, visit us online or reach our Southington dentistry by phone at 860-965-5995.

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