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Crucial Advice for Maintaining Your Child’s Dental Health

To keep your child healthy and strong, many parents turn to our Southington family dental center for positive pediatric dental work. Preventing tooth decay, cavities, and infections is obviously Elegance Dental’s number one priority, but sometimes this can’t always be done. Restorative work is what dentistry is known for, but preventing an issue is obviously the most important. To help your child retain a strong bite and good oral health, here are some tips to keep in mind for new parents;

Avoid an Abundance of Sugary and Fatty Foods:

While this tip seems obvious, we constantly see cavities in our community’s youth due to a poor diet. Kids will be kids, and the attraction to sugary treats isn’t something even some adults can resist. Keeping a firm stance on your child’s diet will help their entire body with positive health, and possibly prevent root canals or tooth reconstruction from ever being required.

Brushing and Flossing Everyday:

Again, another seemingly obvious tip. However, this Southington family dental clinic keeps seeing issues caused by a lack of oral hygiene, so we’re going to keep advising our patients to practice these habits everyday. Brushing twice a day and flossing as often as possible is the standard protocol for keeping those pearly whites shining nice and bright. Encouraging your child to brush their teeth with fun games or music can be a positive reinforcement, and may establish proper habits throughout their life.

Wear Mouthguards for Contact Sports:

While the focus on concussions in contact sports is extremely high, we still see plenty of dental injuries too. A knocked out tooth or teeth can cause extreme pain and potentially permanent damage to your child’s mouth. Most organizations that host sports, such as schools or camps, will require children to wear mouthguards to protect themselves. Make sure your child wears this every time they suit up, and they’ll thank you later.

Sealants for New Teeth:

This option can specifically be done without a Southington family dental center. For young children, sealants can prevent future decay and cavities. When a new tooth emerges, this layer of sealant is added to the tooth to act as a barrier, and is actually a thin layer added to the chewing surface of a tooth. This feature can prevent some major dental issues down the road, and is expertly provided by Elegance Dental.

Schedule Routine Visits:

Keeping up to date on visits with a child’s dentist is crucial. It’s recommended to visit the dentist at least twice a year, but you have the option to schedule as many visits as you’d like. This Southington family dental clinic also provides emergency dental care, so in case of an accident, your child can be taken care of quickly. A cracked or missing tooth can be extremely painful, and we’re dedicated to ensuring the comfort of all our dental patients. For more information on the exact pediatric dental services we offer, visit our page at or call us today at 860-965-5995.

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